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Athena Text
The daughter of Zeus and the goddess of Intelligence, born with extraordinary wisdom. She was beloved by humans, who did everything possible to honor her. She was the goddess of war and wisdom, the guardian angel of the gods of lightning and thunder, and the goddess of fertility.

Athena - When she was born from the split head of Zeus, her light illuminated the Earth.

Class: RodeleroEdit

Holding a spear and shield in spearate hands, these veteran troops sacrifice attack power for an increase in defense.

Skill: RamEdit

Deals increased damage and pushes enemies into the back row. Ram Cards can be found at Briar Farm 5


Rodelero are the first of the armored units excelling in defense against melee and marksman attacks. They still take slightly increased damage from infantry, but have very good defense against other spearmen and cavalry. They also have one of the best defenses against marksmen attacks, however they receive increased damage from all forms of magic (even more so from Lightning Mages). The skill, Ram, does increased impact damage to its target and also pushes that target into the back row if possible. If the back row is occupied, then the target is pushed as far back as possible. Ram also does impact damage indepenant of the number of troops left in the Hero's squad.