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Freya, the goddess of love and beauty in Nordic mythology, would lead the Valkyries in selecting brave warriors killed on the battlefield. They would give a wonderful kiss to the dead, and lead their souls to Valhalla. The vikings were convinced that they could enter Valhalla after their death, as long as they fought and died bravely in battle.

Freya - Only heroic and fearless soldiers can see the goddess.

Class: GrenadierEdit

Air power! Infantry units can never hit these troops, though they can be easily shot down by ranged attacks.

Skill: Incendiary BombEdit

Throws an incendiary bomb at the enemy to deal heavy damage for 2 rounds. Incendiary Bomb Cards can be found at Dark Jungle 4.


Grenadiers are special fying units that receive minimal damage (only 1) by the normal attack of following units:

  • All Infantry
  • Ranger
  • Rattan Witcher
  • Armored Cart

When using skills:

  • The Entangle skill of the Rattan Witcher still blocks the Grenadier, but doing only 1 damage.
  • The Crescent Slash skill of Broad Swordsman will cause only 1 damege when hit the first time but more damage for each turn.
  • The Execute skill of the Axe Infantry can kill a Grenadier unit low on troops.

Grenadiers do suffer low damage from Spearmen and are very vulnerable to Marksmen and Mage (except the Rattan Witchers).

Their skill, Incendiary Bomb, does low damage but also causes continuous damage over time which is dealt at the beginning of each round (similar to Creasent Slash).

The appearance of the Grenadiers changed the strategies for high level players. The practical immunity of the Grenadier to the attack of many units renders some previously strong formations very weak. When defending a mine or a castle you should put units which can damage Grenadiers, like Archers, Crossbowmen, Sorcerers, etc at every row.