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Gustav II Text

Gustav II, the King of Sweeden, was known as the "The Lion of the North". Fond of adventures, he fought on the frontline many times throughout his life. He was full of chivalrous spirit. During the Thirty Years War, his reputation resounded throughout Europe. He finally fell during a cavalry charge in the Battle of Lutzen.

Gustav II - The one charging forward in the front is the king.

Class: RangerEdit

These veteran cavalry units can mod down infantry with ease.

Skill: ChargeEdit

Charge through to damage up to three enemies, possibly stunning them. Stopped by spearmen. Charge cards are found at Rocky Wasteland 4 .


Rangers are versatile units with moderate attack and defense. They work well enough as either offenseive or defensive units, but excel in neither. Rangers take extra damage from all forms of Spearmen, however they do increased damage to all forms of Infantry. They also take lessened magic damage, but slightly increased marksman damage. Rangers are best suited as 1st row or 2nd row units for dealing consistent damage. Their skill Charge attacks in a straight line hitting all 3 units in that row for increased damage, but is stopped by any Spearman in that row. The damage output is also independant on how many troops are left in the squad which makes the potential damage output very good in certain situations.