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Ramesses II Text

Ramesses II was a king who had the respect of all people, an invincible general, an amiable father, and a tireless builder. He was the focus of millions; feared by his enemies, loved by lieges and blessed by the gods. During his time, Egypt was the most dazzling gem in the world.

Ramesses II - The immortal statue celebrates a man as a god.

Class: HalberdierEdit

Veteran spearmen good at taking down cavalry with their bladed spear. They can handle all units well except infantries.

Skill: Double StrikeEdit

Hit the enemy twice in one round. Double Strike cards can be found at Rocky Wasteland 6 .


Halberdiers are strong offensive spear units but have somewhat weak defense. For this reason, they are best suited as 2nd row support. They are also, however, very good to have in the 1st row offense when your squad is in the defending situation (goldmine or garrison) since they will be first to attack. Halberdiers do reduced damage to all forms of infantry, and increased damage to all forms of cavalry. They also take somewhat reduced damage from magic attacks, however are weak to marksmen. The skill Double Strike performs two full-power attacks at once, however its strength is dependant on the number of troops that are left. This is, yet another reason why Halberdiers are better suited to be in the 2nd row in most circumstances.